At Gomibo, we also sell refurbished iPhones. These phones have been used before, but have then gone through a thorough quality check and repaired if necessary. Find out what refurbished means, what the advantages are, and what to look out for on this page!

What is refurbished?

A refurbished iPhone has been used before and then cleaned, restored, and refurbished. However, these devices may have minor signs of use, such as small scratches on the casing or display. The battery may also have declined a little, but the battery capacity is always at least 85% compared to a new battery. When using mobile devices, it is normal for the battery capacity to decrease the longer you use the device. Before these iPhones are sold, we make sure they are once again in peak condition. Only Made For iPhone parts are used to do so. Moreover, these iPhones are tested on more than 50 different points. All in all: the interior of the devices is 100% operational and the exterior may have slight scratches that make the iPhones appear not completely brand new.

The refurbished devices sold by Gomibo always fall under the 'lightly used' category. This means that some user damage may be visible, but there are no cracked screens or defects. So the exterior is no longer brand new, but the device has been checked, refurbished, and cleaned.

Gomibo chooses Forza

Keurmerk Techniek Nederland The refurbished iPhones sold by Gomibo are from Forza. These iPhones have the Refurbished quality certification introduced by trade association Techniek Nederland. This official quality certification guarantees that the devices have been checked on more than 50 seperate points. This means that the used devices have gone through a thorough quality check and have been repaired if necessary. Any repair at Forza always uses 100% Made For iPhone parts. The casing may still have a scratch or minor damage. This is only cosmetic and does not affect the functioning of the device. These refurbished iPhones from Forza come with a 24-month warranty.

Advantages of refurbished

Buying a Refurbished iPhone has a number of advantages. These phones are competitively priced, you have a 2-year warranty, and you help out the environment. After all, no new iPhone with new raw materials has to be produced for you.

Price difference

Buying a refurbished iPhone will easily save you quite a bit of money. This doesn't mean you compromise on quality. In fact, the devices function as you would expect from an iPhone. So, you can enjoy all the benefits of an Apple iPhone.


On all refurbished phones, you are entitled to the usual 2-year warranty. Before the devices are sold, they have undergone an extensive quality check. So, you can rest assured that the smartphone will work properly. Does your phone have a defect within 2 years? Then you can use the standard warranty procedure. The battery is also covered by warranty!


Nearly two billion mobile phones are produced every year. This in turn requires scarce raw materials to be mined, which in turn creates greenhouse gases and hazardous waste. So, you can understand that producing a phone can have quite an impact on our world!

When you buy a refurbished iPhone, you also contribute to a better environment: you save energy, materials and costs, and also reduce waste. All in all, with a refurbished device you're also helping the planet a little.

Apple iPhones and refurbished iPhones at Gomibo

On our website, you will find both new, and refurbished iPhones. The refurbished iPhones offered by Gomibo can be found here. Whatever iPhone you are looking for, you can purchase it at Gomibo.

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